My Rosy Road comic – English

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46 Pages, A4 sized, 4/4 color graphic novel 2018
ISBN 978-952-68892-0-7


Äni’s graphic novel My Rosy Road centers around a tragic event that almost ended her life and in so doing changed it completely.
The graphic novel and the exhibition conveys the emotions and experiences of what it’s like to go through a serious neurological disorder – to lose all the capabilities you take for granted – and then slowly win them back.
My Rosy Road is a story that isn’t actually very rosy at all. It was a unique experience which ultimately became a turning point in Äni’s life, which the comic and art pieces in the exhibition convey in a number of ways.

Äni is a Finnish artist and graphic designer who’s earlier works consist of paintings of the TYKS hematology ward, Vantaa city hall, coloring books, Life Changing Secrets comic, live illustrations from various events and artistic collaborations with companies such as Microsoft and Huawei.
With the help of our friends and supporters we have made a successful Generosity campaign to fund free copies of this comic to be sent out to the hospitals around the world to bring awareness, peer support and hope.
Thank to you everyone!
Heres a link to the campaign:
Thank you so much for the donations Gigantti and Kotopro!

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